Hanging out my shingle

It’s one of those great old phrases: Hanging out my shingle. It refers to the most common way people used to declare they were in business, hanging out a sign in front of their office saying who they were and what they did.

That’s what I am doing to start the new year.

A few years ago, I was reacquainted with my collegiate passion for photography. Since then, I have been consumed with learning all I can and improving everytime I squeeze the shutter button. Most of my shooting has been for stories I’ve worked on at the Lexington Herald-Leader, where I am full-time arts and cultural journalist; volunteer work for organizations I am involved with, such as my church; and, of course, my family.

But late last year, it started to feel like it was time to start up a little side endeavor, and hang out my shingle as a photographer for hire. So, here I am, and here’s my virtual storefront, open for business. Please take a look around. Whether you are looking to have a portrait, event or something else shot, I would love to work with you – and yes, I do weddings.

And if you are one of the first couple weddings to book with me, I will give you a discount on my stated wedding rate – a little reward for hitting that “Read the rest of this page” button.

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