Loren Tice plays Chopin

Sunday afternoon I took my camera on a Valentine’s-Eve date – my wife was otherwise occupied – to a concert Frédéric Chopin’s music by Transylvania music professor and Herald-Leader music critic Loren Tice.

It was an interesting hour-plus of music as Loren played ripping renditions of some of Chopin’s classics, provided some enlightening commentary about the music and dished a little dirt on the romantic master.

The sanctuary at Maxwell Presbyterian never has great light, and this afternoon it was fairly muted. So I was having to fly the ISOs pretty high,and worked with the grain and shadows, even doing some black-and-white conversions in post. My 70-200, f2.8 was the workhorse for this shoot from the balcony and back of the floor. The 28-75, f2.8 came in to play on the sides, and for a wide shot from above. My faster primes were sitting at home where, as I often lament, they were doing me a lot of good. So much for packing light.

Music and shooting: two great things that go great together, though not quite as great as spending time with my Valentine, which I did later.

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