Week’s favorites: March 17-23

Seth (Max Reid, standing) reads a letter Chance (Mathew Kilder, seated) wrote to him before he died of complications from the AIDS virus in The Happy Hour. Nikon D300s, Nikkor 80-200mm f 2.8 lens. ISO 3200, 1/200 sec, f 2.8.

Q: When is it too late to put up a Week’s Favorites post? A: It’s my blog, so whenever I say it’s too late. And it’s not.

Some weeks you have time to shoot what you want, which is when you go taking pictures of your red sneakers with snooted Speedlights. Others, you shoot what you need to, what you can, which is sorta my theme here.

Deluge. Nikon D80, Tamron 28-75mm f 2.8 lens; IS0 1600, 1/60 sec, f 6.3.

It was a busy week, but a work assignment did put a camera in my hand for a while to shoot a dress rehearsal  of the world premier production of Stephen Currens’ The Happy Hour by ActOut Theatre. Nothing has made me appreciate lighting designers like shooting stage photos, a craft where you usually rely on the natural light the designer presents. The Happy Hour overall had a nice look that helped move the action around a four-corner stage. But my favorite moment was the one above, where the main character, Seth, reads a letter from a recently deceased friend, who is in the ghostly light at the table. As I shoot stage work mostly in manual, it demanded a quick adjustment to make sure everything was in balance. Most important, I think it captured the moment, which is what I really strive to do in stage photography.

Last Friday, I went out to the Bryan Station High School stadium to shoot a track meet. But intensifying severe storms quickly moved in and first chased us into the high school and then into the hallways and locker rooms when tornado warnings were issued. The shot to the right caught my eye when I stepped out after the warnings had passed. If I couldn’t get dramatic track action, at least I got some dramatic weather.

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