Lexington senior photographer: Marylynne

It’s striking the number of different settings you can find within a few blocks of each other for a portrait shoot in Downtown Lexington.

One the front steps of the Lexington Opera House.

We had a senior portrait session with exceedingly talented senior Marylynne a few weeks ago and came up with several styles, from the casual and natural beauty of Gratz Park to the urban environment of Short Street. Just so happened prom was the same day, so Marylynne rocked her prom dress for a few shots.

We couldn't resist a few shots in her mom's red Mustang.

Marylynne was really into the idea of shooting something against the brick wall behind the Opera House. Clients often have great ideas.

Statues on the Third Street side of Gratz helped frame our young thespian.

Across the park, we played with the iron gates for a few shots.


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