Wedding photography: Uncle With a Camera 3

Even a "we're walking" pic looks smashing with Barboursville as a backdrop.

My sister’s journey of three weddings for her three children in nine months (and two of them in as many months) came to a conclusion last month with my niece’s nuptials at the Barboursville Vineyard outside of Charlottesville, Va.

This child provided no end of cuteness, as you will see.The fantastic official wedding photographers from Cramer Photo of C’ville were gaga over the locale and I heartily agreed. It’s a beautiful property centered around the ruins of a home designed by Thomas Jefferson. The setting provided a stunning natural backdrop, and TJ’s house was supposed to frame the ceremony.

The problem was, this setting, pretty much on the same latitude of Central Kentucky, was subject to the same wet weather the region experienced all spring. And while the wedding party got all its photos shot outĀ  on the property, the ceremony lost a game of chicken with Mother Nature as showers set in 10 minutes before the actual wedding was supposed to start.

The party and guests quickly reassembled at the reception venue on the same property, Virginia and James were indeed very happily married in a standing-room-only ceremony, and everyone enjoyed a night of dinner by the Palladio Restaurant and cake, wine (of course), dancing and all that good stuff.

Of course, I brought my camera, and here are a few of my shots.

This all really gets Copley Photo, Etc. really psyched for Amy and Dave’s wedding, just a month away now.

Sarah Cramer of Cramer Photo framed the wedding party against the vineyard.

The modest decorations awaited the ceremony.

Gotta say, the ring bearer was a character-and-a-half himself.

James and Virginia.

Virginia represented the third generation to wear this wedding dress.

Read more about the dress by clicking here.

Virginia and her brother Sam goofing around before the ceremony.

The onset of showers and lightning forced a change of venue.

Reassembled in the reception venue, bridesmaids watch as the bride approaches.

Like we said, endless supply of cute.

Groomsmen and the father of the bride plot some toasty mischief.

Two of the groomsmen helped us get to know James a bit better.

James is probably wondering if this is his wedding or a roast, as his groomsmen fill us in on his childhood.

Virginia, a professional event planner herself, enjoys the revelry she created by choosing everything from the right dude to the right songs.

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