Peach State sunflowers

I am not the biggest fan of lens flare, but considering these are sunflowers and the flare was coming from the sun, I played a bit.

I spent the last few days far from the deadlines and schedules of Lexington, enjoying a little R&R at my in-laws’ farm in rural Georgia. Though I had no clients or newspaper assignments to shoot, I packed along my camera bag, and something, of course, caught my eye.

In this case, it was the riot of sunflowers planted next to the barn on the property adjoining my folks-in-laws’ place. From the pure yellow variety, to ones with buttery leaves to antiquey-looking flowers – I am no horticulturist, so do not look to me for names – there was a wide variety in this little patch and numerous angles to work.

People, I think, are my forte, so I don’t spend a lot of time doing nature photography. But the trip was a diversion, so why shouldn’t the photography also be a change of pace? In addition, it was a great way to get reacquainted with an old flame – my Nikkor 85mm f/2 lens, which I bought way back in the days well before D preceded the abbreviation SLR. I’ll write more about that later, after I’ve worked with the 85 more, back here in the real world.


The old barn behind the flowers was a nice backdrop.

If you are going to shoot around sunflowers, you have to be used to being around bees. That said, they seemed a lot more interested in the flowers than me.

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