Lexington senior photographer: Will


Editing Will’s senior senior portrait shots planted the Timbuk 3 classic The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades in my brain. Why?


1. Will is a talented, accomplished young man headed to a great college and he has plenty of options ahead of him.

2. The dude loves his sunglasses.

We had a late afternoon run-and-gun session with Will hitting three Lexington locations with two wardrobes in about 90 minutes. In that time we caught him in a musical mood at the piano, in an urban setting atop the parking garage at Main and Broadway, and at the Henry Clay Estate, where he used to run and play when he was a little boy. Along the way, Will had some definite ideas how he wanted to present himself which is always cool in a senior portrait shoot.

Congrats Will, and don’t forget to call when you’re ready to do that feet-up -on-the-desk-in-the-big office shoot. We’ll make it happen.







Want to book Rich Copley Photo for your senior shoot or something else? Check out our rates and booking info, and Email me.

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