Where it all re-started


Dad was being a little weird – not that this was unusual.


In their decade or so of existence, the kids had seen him get into things. But on this trip to Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks, he had developed a particular preoccupation with this camera. It wasn’t like Mommy’s camera that was red and made little whirs and clicks when you hit the on button, and you could see the picture right away when she took it! This thing was silver and black. The clicks were louder, and dad would take things out of the back and change the big round part on the front.

And the ways he would use it – He saw his little girl looking really cool at the pool, and he crawled up on his belly to take a picture with the big blue sky behind her. He delighted in taking pictures of his son being spun around the yard by his uncle – whir, click; whir, click; whir, click; whir, click. And when we were at the beach, he got up before everyone else and took that old camera with him to watch the sunrise.

Not too long after this trip, it seems like it was right after Christmastime, this became the dad they knew. He got another camera from work – this one looked like the old one he had, but you could see the pictures on the back, like Mom’s camera. He talked a little bit about how he used to do this picture-taking thing all the time, how there was a time he thought he wanted to take pictures for his job. But then he fell in love with writing, and thought he had to choose one or the other.

But on that trip, it became more and more obvious that he didn’t have to choose.

Now, dad with a camera isn’t so weird, though he is still fully capable of weirdness.

Rich’s note: Watching the footage of Hurricane Irene this weekend took me back to a 2007 trip back to my home in Virginia Beach and the place I still call my favorite place in the world, the North Carolina Outer Banks. It was a great trip with my family, and also a trip where I reconnected with this passion I had let lie dormant for well over a decade. It is still a joy to look back at some of these images and remember what was rekindled that week.

This is the 50th post at Rich Copley Photography, etc.





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