Central Kentucky senior pictures: 5 reasons to take them in the fall


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School has started, and for thousands of kids in the Lexington area this is it: the final go-around.

Of course, that means many rites of senior year including senior portraits. Now, like other grand senior traditions such as prom, senior skip day, and graduation, it can be easy to associate senior portraits with the springtime. But there are really good reasons not to wait. I’ve got five for you:


1. Prom, graduation, final events, senior skip day, graduation parties and other stuff – you will have plenty to do come springtime without adding a senior portrait session to the list.

2. Fall is Central Kentucky’s prettiest season. If you want to get outdoor shots, this is the time of year to do it, when the weather gets a little crispy and the landscape gets colorful.

3. The weather is more reliable this time of year. Springtime in Kentucky is always a dicey proposition in the Bluegrass. Just ask the folks at Keeneland. It can be gorgeous. It can also be 50-degrees and rainy. But fall is fairly reliable for delivering beautiful days where you will look comfy posing for your senior portraits. (Watch. Now that I wrote that, 2011 will be the wettest fall on Record in Central Kentucky.)

4.The golden hour is at a reasonable hour. I know I am offering a bunch of outdoorsy reasons. But when you live in an area as beautiful as ours, it makes sense to make the landscape part of your portrait session. The golden hour is a photography term for the time right before sunset – and it can be right after sunrise, if you’re an early bird – when the outdoor light is just spectacular. Now, this is happening between 7 and 8 p.m., and it will move backward as September becomes October. These are very reasonable hours for getting together for some photos.

5. Senior portraits make lovely holiday gifts. Giving friends and relatives senior shots at Christmastime can add to the specialness of the senior year. Getting them shot in the next couple months will leave plenty of time to get prints, have them framed and do whatever else you want to do.

Since hanging out my shingle, seniors portraits and similar shots have been my favorite things to shoot. I would be happy to talk about taking yours at any time, but seriously, think about the fall.

Want to book Rich Copley Photo for your senior shoot or something else? Check out our rates and booking info, and Email me.

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