Lexington Photographer: (seriously) focused on your story


Shortly after posting photos from a shoot this summer, I got a humbling email: “All those hours you spent really were worth it. The impact of your work, really your gift to them, will be with them their whole lives!”


Wow. And there I was fretting things like lighting and composition. My correspondent reminded me of the bigger picture of what photographers do. After all, most people don’t have a professional photographer following them around all the time, unless you’re the President (White House photographer – coolest job ever). And these days, there are plenty of cameras on the market most people can use to get good, if not great pictures of day-to-day events. With my HTC Inspire, I’m enjoying having a phone with a good point-and-shoot camera.

When you call on a professional photographer, you’re saying “This is a big deal,” and it is my job to appreciate that and engage with the moment we are in.

Even if it’s simply a personal or family portrait, for some reason you have chosen this moment to stop and have a serious photo taken. That’s a big part of why I like being an on-location photographer, because we are creating images that put you in the context of environments that are important to you and help tell the tale of this moment in time.

And at those big events like weddings, you are certainly saying, “This rates something more than hoping to get an awesome shot out of my iPhone.”

It’s a chapter in your life you want to document, and you want someone who is seriously focused on your story.

And that little email reminded me that our slogan is more than just a slogan.

Want to book a session with Rich Copley Photo? Check out our rates and booking info, and Email me.

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