Church photography: baptisms


If you are the house photographer for a church, this is a pretty tantalizing phrase in the preview email for Sunday’s services: “I get to baptize twins this Sunday! Do you think I can hold them both at the same time?”

I don’t know. Can you?! Mwahahahahahahahahaha-ha. I’ll make sure to have a couple bodies and well-chosen lenses to document whatever happens.

Even with just one child, baptisms are loads of fun to shoot because they usually involve the human race’s most reliable wildcards: babies. I know this from experience. At my daughter’s baptism, she waved to the congregation like she had just been named Little Miss Covenant Presbyterian. My son, on the other hand, gave the preacher at our current church just enough time to say, “Christopher” and then he let a WAAAAAIIIIILLLLL that Rev. Gerdts followed with, “is not a happy customer right now.”

At our church, I’ve seen just about everything, including the older brother of a baptizee who took it upon himself to dip his hands in the water and start blessing a few people. Who needs seminary? It’s a short ceremony, but full of Kodak moments from the actual water to the pastor walking the child down the aisle to introduce him or her to their “aunts and uncles in the church.”

For the record, Rev. Berry – pro that he is – had no problem wielding both kids Sunday, but one did quickly turn into an unhappy customer. Those kids – they’re wildcards.






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2 thoughts on “Church photography: baptisms

  1. These folks are really lucky to have your photos. I did not really get my act together and get decent photos of the baptisms of any of my kids – these are beautiful and they really capture the moment. Baptism, and other sacraments (if Catholic) are times when people may really want to hire a photographer. It’s not something a lot of people necessarily consider, but it’s a great idea.

  2. Thanks so much Robyn. I don’t know that I have heard of many people hiring photographers for baptisms, but if anyone wanted to do that, I’d be happy to oblige. It really does allow the family to concentrate on enjoying the event knowing the moment is being captured, and it is a very colorful moment.

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