Stage photography: Opera!



As a college student, I really wanted to be a rock concert photographer – I think I have mentioned here before sneaking a body and zoom lens into shows by Sting, R.E.M. and others. When I re-entered serious photography a few years ago, one of my first big thrills was shooting opera.

I hear you – Gettin’ old, Rich?

Well, yes, I had more years and many more pounds on me by then. But I really don’t think that was it because I loved opera in college and before. At that time, I just don’t think I thought about it as a prime subject to shoot.

But now, with my primary job as an arts journalist, the opportunity is right there, and it is such a great subject to shoot. The drama, the costumes, the sets, the drama – did I say that twice? For an expressive art form, I’d say opera is more reliable than rock ‘n’ roll, and I loves me some rock ‘n’ roll. I kind of envy Metropolitan Opera photographer Ken Howard his job.

Last week, I had another chance to shoot some opera with the University of Kentucky Opera Theatre‘s production of Roméo et Juliette – on that second link, you’ll see the work of UK Opera’s outstanding house photographer, Tim Collins, and a link to a gallery of my photos of the other Roméo et Juliette cast.

R&J and opera – oh, the drama.





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