Wedding photography: nothing matters but …


The setting had it all: history, proximity and sheer beauty.

Everything was exquisitely planned and chosen: the vintage gown three generations old and meticulously restored, the dinner and wine perfectly matched, the song for the first dance that appropriately crooned, “And the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true.”

That’s what it seemed was about to happen that Saturday in May.


Then, it started raining … 10 minutes before it was time to start.

And we’re not talking a mist or a sprinkle. This was a good ol’ fashioned mid-Atlantic spring gully washer that put an end to the possibility that this wedding was going to happen under God’s blue skies, or even gray, as had been meticulously planned. Plans were quickly changed. And you know what happened.

Two people madly in love still got married. They laughed and cried at the quickly arranged altar. They kissed and their friends and family cheered.

I was reminded of that afternoon reading Jonas Peterson’s Mason Jar Manifesto, recommended by Jamie at the Modern Tog, about wedding-planning excesses overwhelming the point of the event.

That May wedding was one of several I have been to this year in varying capacities.  Some were big, some were small. Some went perfectly, some had their bumps and detours. But at the end of every one was this: a deliriously happy couple tied the knot.

Jonas, who clearly has been intimately involved in many more weddings than I have, yet, makes the point that details are fine and fun, but “Weddings are about people, it’s about commitment and celebrating love. It’s about you. Build on that and everything else will follow.”

I think that’s also a good reminder for the wedding photographer – hi.

Wading into this biz, I have cruised inordinate numbers of websites, blogs and books studying styles, techniques, knock lists and trends. Wedding photographers today shoot every little thing. But images that stay with me, that make me stop and say “I wish I’d shot that” are invariably of the happy couple.

That’s where every wedding should focus because whether you’re staging the destination wedding of your dreams or being united by a justice of the peace in front of a couple friends, the point of the whole affair is two people’s dreams really coming true.

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