Lexington senior pictures: Nate


He rocked the bow tie.

Nate’s dad, like me, digs the bow tie – of course, only if you tie it yourself. No greenie ties. So it was a thrill to see the fashion statement was being passed down to a new generation, not only because it has that edge-of-tradition vibe, but it also looks really classy in a photo.

With Nate, we hit two primary locations: Limestone Street, including the epic mural by the Latitude folks at Third Street Stuff, and Keeneland, such a primo photo destination that Nate and I were jockeying for position on the rail with a number of other Lexington-area photographers on this Sunday afternoon. The other sign that Nate’s folks raised him right (OK, there are a lot of signs of this) was his literacy with ’80s movies. When I said on one of the tunnel shots I was looking for Tom Cruise in Risky Business, he knew exactly what I was talking about. (This may also explain why I have been listening to Talking Heads’ Swamp all week.)

Like teenage Tom, Nate’s future looks pretty bright. Just keep wearing those bow ties.






Bright Future

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