Portrait photography: the nice price


Back in the 1970s and ’80s, Columbia Records had a series of albums labeled “The Nice Price.” They were albums by artists such as Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen that were just a few years old but sold for several dollars less than newer, full-price LPs – we’re talking vinyl records here. I got a number of favorite albums under The Nice Price like Joel’s The Stranger and Springsteen’s The River.

A couple recent chats with friends and clients prompted me to introduce one more, lower-price level on my menu, which I am naming in honor of my favorite LP marketing series. Full-out portrait sessions with several locations and clothing changes are great. But sometimes you’re simply looking for a few shots for, say, a Christmas card or a gift, or just to mark this moment in time. With RCPe’s Nice Price of $49.99 – had to do the .99 for the retail vibe – you get 30 minutes of shooting time with me and your photos delivered in an online SmugMug gallery from which you can order prints or digital files. You still get the personal attention and on-location setting I strive for. We’re just going to shoot it quicker and give you some photos that, like a great Columbia Records’ classic, should give you years of enjoyment and memories.

Want to book Rich Copley Photo for your portrait or something else? Check out our rates and booking info, and Email me.

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