Photography: What I like to hear (or read)


Photographers are bombarded with information about how to use Facebook to market their work, but I like it for the feedback.

The last month, a few photos I have taken got some comments I really liked.

One was from the Advent Workshop, an event I shot at Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church, and it was directed to the main subject of the photo:

“I’ve seen that face before! One of my favorite” faces Martha makes, one of her friends commented on a photo of Martha with a quizzical look on her face.

On a photo from the Campfire and Starlight benefit, one of the participants commented, “What a perfect capture to describe what a great time I had.”

I love hearing stuff like that because it tells me I met my goal of capturing a moment, an emotion, a distinctive characteristic. For all the work we as photographers put into learning how to work with light and mechanics — and that is really important — that’s what people really react to: the captured moment.

That’s kind of obvious in event photography and photojournalism, but it also applies in portraiture. The greatest success is when you get an image that makes people say, “That’s him,” or “That’s her,” or “That’s what happened.”

That’s what I’m going for.

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