Lexington concert photographer: Audio Adrenaline


Audio Adrenaline broke up in 2007. I got back into photography seriously in 2008. So, I presumed they would not be a band I’d ever get to shoot.


Here’s a little thing about photographers who shoot concerts: we like to shoot our favorite artists and we like to shoot legendary artists. I mentioned last March how I was shooting an Itzhak Perlman performance and I looked into my viewfinder and thought, “That’s Itzhak freaking Perlman.” I take some real satisfaction in that my best concert photography shoot was one of my favorite bands: Switchfoot, which is why there are several images from that show in my stage shots gallery.

In Christian rock, Audio Adrenaline is a bit of both an icon and a favorite. They’ve recorded several classics like Big House and Hands and Feet, songs I like and even learned to play on guitar. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, they were a dominant band in the Christian market along with acts such as Newsboys and Third Day. They were artists I would have liked to have shot. In fact, I remember covering their final show in Rupp Arena in 2007 and thinking it was a shame no one was shooting it for the paper, which planted another little seed in my desire to revive my own photography.

So the opportunity came back around last weekend. Lead singer Mark Stuart and bassist Will McGinniss – histirically the mainstays of the band – came to Lexington’s Broadway Christian Church with a group called the Know Hope Collective. It wasn’t exactly an Audio A show, though they did some Audio A songs, and for my personal satisfaction, I got to say I did shoot a semblance of one of Christian rock’s iconic bands.

Click here to read the story on this performance and see a complete photo gallery.






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