Central Kentucky senior picture photographer: What to expect

Marylynne wanted a shot against the brick wall on the back of the Lexington Opera House. It worked for her.

What do we do next? That’s always the next question after someone hires me.

With Zach, we used a few frames to represent his Ultimate Frisbee prowess.

So with the spring round of senior picture season in the offing — yes, it’s supposed to snow tonight, but warm weather is in sight — I wanted to give you a quick rundown of what will happen once you decide to book me.

1. We will meet. This is to settle up picky details like what price level you want. But the bigger questions will be what you want to do, what your hopes are for these photos. I am an on-location, environmental portrait photographer who likes a style Digital Photography School called portrait photojournalism. So we want to talk about what locations and what objects are most important to you to have in a shot. For seniors, for instance …

  • Do you have favorite activities of your high school years you’d like to represent?
  • Has your car been particularly special to you?
  • Is there a place that is particularly special to you?
  • Do you even have a best friend you may want in a few shots, that these images would not be complete without.

These are the kinds of things we’ll talk about.

I will try to give you an idea of what we can do and how long it should take so we make a plan to get you the pictures you want at a price that is comfortable for you.

2. We’ll set a time and location or locations for the shoot. What you want to show will have a lot to do with this. If, for instance, you have outdoor locales you want to shoot at, we’re probably going to aim for around late afternoon and sunset when the light is best. If you want a couple locations, we may strategize how to get from one to another in time or plan a split shoot if we need to. With me, you have the luxury of flexibility.

Keenland had a special meaning to Nate's mom, so we went there.

3. We shoot! If the person I am shooting is 18 or under, I do request a parent or guardian come along. In general, I have found it is good to have someone else along to keep the subject’s mood light. Smiling for the camera ain’t as easy as it looks.

We will have fun!

Remember, this is your photo shoot, your time to be a star. There aren’t a lot of times in life you can be self-indulgent and get away with it, but this is one of them.

4. You’ll get your pictures! Whether you asked for a disc or digital delivery, I will have your images ready for you within two weeks. I aim for sooner, but two weeks in my guarantee. I do request payment within two weeks of getting your photos, though never before you receive them.

5. Please tell your friends. If you are happy with how it went, I hope you will tell your friends to look me up the next time they need a photographer. (This post could be a good intro.)

Will was going for an urban cool look, like this.

Want to book Rich Copley Photo for a photo session? Check out our rates and booking info, and Email me.

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