Lexington senior picture photographer: Kevin


This was a senior shoot born to a certain extent on Facebook. Kevin and I were struggling a bit to figure out where to shoot his session. Then I looked at the pictures on his Facebook page and noticed most of them were taken at Camp Burnamwood, a beloved Presbyterian retreat down in Irvine, Ky.

I had a suggestion.

So, we took advantage of a spring break afternoon and went down to Burnamwood for a shoot that incorporated Kevin’s love of art, music and our national champion University of Kentucky Wildcats – yes, it was Tuesday afternoon and Kev already had his UK basketball championship swag – all in a setting he loves.




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2 thoughts on “Lexington senior picture photographer: Kevin

    • Thanks Joe! Always a huge compliment coming from Cardboard Sea. Just occurred to me that the lead photo here was totally impromptu. We had a stray sun shower during the shoot and had to run for cover for a few minutes. While waiting, I just suggested Kev play his drum, and it made for a nice moment.

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