Collaboration: The Running River


Thus far this year, my most exciting project has been collaborating with designer Camilla Roberson Turner to produce photographs for The Running River, her custom children’s clothing design business. The idea is basically that she has designs but creates each item of clothing to the custom needs of her customers. So, if you like the cut of a certain dress but would like a different color or pattern, well, that’s what she’s all about.

How custom does she get? One thing she recently created was a set of shirts for a little boy with his arm in cast. With a sort of button front and T-shirt look, they were easy for him to get on and off, and they look snazzy. I would link you to her website, but part of the reason for shooting is to give Camilla photos for her forthcoming website.

Camilla and her model and I got together for our first session Easter weekend – which turned out being a touch chillier than we thought, given our balmy late winter and early spring – for a set of shots trying to incorporate nature. After all, it’s called The Running River.

I’m looking forward to sharing more of these shots with you as Camilla and I keep working.





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