Nearly a quarter century ago, I picked up my first camera and loved it. Through the lens of that long gone – thanks, thieves – Canon A1, I could record events, tell stories and put images that were in my head on film. Ah, film (nostalgic sigh).

Photo by Kirk Robinson

In the ensuing two decades, I have built a career telling stories in words, primarily for the Lexington Herald-Leader, where I have worked since 1998 as an arts and cultural journalist. But that love of photography never died, and in recent years has been fully rekindled in the digital world. Shooting for the Herald-Leader has let me do some things with a DSLR twentysomething SLR-slinging me could have only dreamed of, like taking photos at major events and chronicling stories in new ways.

I also never dreamed I would photograph my own children. But you can only do that so much. Trust me.

My passion for photography extends well beyond a 40-hour work week and the world of my home and my family. I would be excited to talk to you about how I can chronicle a moment, an event or a passion in your life or organization.

Let’s talk, and let’s focus on your story.

~ Rich Copley


(859) 351-6024


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