Set up a photo shoot


So I have piqued your interest and you want to look into booking a shoot? Great! Here’s what to do and what will happen:

1. Email me or call me at (859) 351-6024 and let me know what you want to do – portrait, event, wedding, something else – and what your time frame is.

2. We will have a free consultation. I can come to you, or we can meet somewhere. I like coffee.

At the consultation, we’ll discuss …

  • When and where photos will be taken
  • What sorts of looks and styles of photos you’d like
  • How the photos will be delivered
  • What it will cost
  • Any other questions you or I have

3. We shoot, at the times and places we discussed.

Note: I love shooting senior and student portraits, but if a shoot does involve a person age 18 or younger, I request a parent or guardian be present at the shoot.

4. After the shoot, I will have images to you within 7 to 10 days, if not earlier. The delivery method will depend on what type of delivery you have selected for your photos. We will discuss that at the consultation.
Unless otherwise stated, I do not expect payment until I have delivered images.

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